Profibus Products

NetTEST IITool kit

The I/O Data of the connected Slaves can be visualized and modified without the use of the provided PLC. This facilitates a most efficient control of the connected sensors/actuators. The time consuming tests of functionality by use of PLC can be omitted. The NetTEST II in this case runs in a completely passive monitoring mode and performs a detailed analysis of the data traffic as well as the physical state of the PROFIBUS line.

NetTEST II comes with the following Online functionalities: Live List, measurement of the signal quality of each DP Slave, rotation time of the whole DP Network, analysis of data traffic between DP Master and DP Slave, triggering upon communication status changes.

Profibus Redundancy Switch (PRS)

The optimal solution for a safe PROFIBUS DP Master redundancy concept PRS provides switch over of the PROFIBUS line between two identical DP Masters. This avoids any galvanic contact between the DP Masters, they can therefore be configured with identical PROFIBUS addresses, making Multi-Master mode unnecessary and excludes double address conflict.

Handheld PROFINET Cable Tester

It is a robust tester which has been especially designed for PROFINET and suitable for industrial environments. With just 1 key-press the test result is directly displayed and continuously updated.If a cable did not pass the test, it will clearly indicate what the problem is and which wires/pins are affected. It is easy to use and gives the technician quick and understandable feedback about the quality of the wiring. It can also be utilized on all other Ethernet networks with 4-wire and 8-wire shielded cables. This outstanding tool that fits in your pocket will boost the efficiency of installers and maintenance technicians

FNL Gateway for Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP to Profibus

FNL – for an optimum connection of fieldbus and Ethernet networks up to 100 Mbit/s. FNL allows the connection to all PROFIBUS DP networks based on RS485 (up to 12 Mbit/s) and supports DP Master class 1/2 on the basis of DP and DPV1 services as well as DP Slave. The access to FNL is carried out through a TCP/IP socket interface. The interface is operating system independent, completely unfolded and because of its quickness convincing.


Today, more than ever, quickness and flexibility are in great demand in the different areas of application of the automation industry. The DF PROFI II, a high performance PROFIBUS DP/DPV1 board from COMSOFT, exceeds these requirements. As PCI, PCI-Express, compact PCI and PC104+ card, the DF PROFI II is suitable for a wide variety of uses. Due to the fact that both 5 V and 3.3 V are supported, the board is compliant to fast server PCs as well as workstations.