Automation & Control


  • Magnetic Position Sensors
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Current Sensors
  • Equipment Health Monitoring
  • Force Sensors
  • Thermal Sensors
  • Infrared Sensors
  • Airflow Sensors
  • Oxygen Sensors
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Photoelectric Sensors
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Liquid Level Sensors
  • Test and Measurement


  • Electromechanical Switches
  • Relays
  • Solid State Switches


  • Encoders
  • Potentiometers
  • Wire wound
  • Resistors
  • Trimmers


  • Monitors
  • Controls
  • Lighting


  • Safety Switches
  • Control Modules
  • Light Curtains
  • Mats
  • Edges


  • Pressure Sensors
  • Load Cells
  • Load Cells ( Miniature )
  • Torque Cells
  • Torque Watch Gauges
  • LVDTs
  • Wireless Telemetry
  • Instrumentation
  • Digital Gauges
  • Accelerometers
  • Accessories
  • Differential Pressure

Industrial Measurement & Control

From standalone instruments and smart sensors to integrated systems Honeywell offers a comprehensive lineup of process measurement and control solutions. Authorized distributors and Control System Integrators provide local support, expertise and training to help you achieve maximum return from your instrumentation investment.
  • Conductivity
    Honeywell conductivity technology helps measure, analyze and transmit valuable conductivity, resistivity and concentration information in simple and complex industrial processes with a complete line of analyzers, transmitters and conductivity cells.

  • Dissolved Oxygen
    A complete line of analyzers, transmitters and dissolved oxygen probes ensures highly accurate, stable and trouble-free measurement in all types of applications.

  • Moisture
    Honeywell’s unique, patented sensors accurately and reliably measure dew point, temperature and relative humidity without the need for frequent cleaning, calibration or replacement.

  • pH-ORP
    Patented non-glass Durafet probes and traditional glass pH technology help measure, analyze and transmit pH and ORP information in industrial processes. Honeywell provides a complete line of analyzers and transmitters, and several mounting types.

  • Thermal Conductivity
    Easy to install and maintain, the 7866 Gas Analyzer features a reliable solid-state design, easy-to-read digital readout and user-friendly operator interface.

  • Controllers/Indicators & Programmers
    Honeywell controllers, programmers and indicators are engineered to deliver solutions tailored to your specific process control requirements so you only buy what you need.

  • Controllers, Hybrid
    Honeywell’s hybrid controllers combine loop and logic control in a single cost-effective platform.The HC900 Hybrid Controller is ideal for unit process applications requiring analog measurements with discrete actions.

  • Corrosion
    Honeywell's SmartCET transmitters interface real-time corrosion measurement with process information to provide insights on the true economic impact of corrosion and methods to achieve improved process control and efficiency.

  • Flow Measurement
    Honeywell's flow transmitters measure differential pressure, absolute or gauge pressure and process temperature.

  • Recorders, Circular Chart
    Circular chart recorders are recommended for batch processes requiring a paper record. They allow for easy filing and copying for reference.The circular chart record displays the entire batch operation from one hour to 31 days.

  • Recorders, Paperless
    Paperless recorders offer improvements over traditional chart recorders, including reduced operating costs and improved reliability. Paperless recorders can be connected to the LAN allowing access to data by multiple departments.

  • Recorders, Strip Chart
    Honeywell’s strip chart recorders are used for continuous processes where the chart record allows the operator to quickly detect out-of-tolerance deviations over a long-term trend. They can run unattended for long periods without the need for frequent chart replacement.

  • Software Tools
    A comprehensive suite of software tools complements Honeywell instrumentation for product specification, configuration, archiving, monitoring, data analysis and real-time data acquisition including SCADA applications.

  • Temperature Sensors
    To complement our temperature instrumentation, Honeywell offers a selection of sensors to suit your application.Choose from TCs, RTDs and non-contact sensors.

  • Transmitter Configuration Tools
    Honeywell’s transmitter configuration tools allow users to configure field instruments and access configuration database parameters with secure two-way communications.

  • Transmitters, Pressure
    Honeywell offers a full line of pressure transmitters for a wide variety of industrial applications.

  • Transmitters, Temperature
    Honeywell’s temperature transmitters meet a broad range of temperature measurement needs with exceptional reliability, accuracy and stability with the industry’s best warranty.

  • XYR 5000 Wireless Transmitters
    Honeywell's award-winning XYR 5000 wireless transmitters deliver value beyond wiring savings, optimizing the plant with data previously unavailable to the control system.

  • XYR 6000 Wireless Transmitters
    XYR 6000 wireless transmitters, part of Honeywell’s OneWireless solution, enable customers to obtain data from remote and hazardous measurement locations, while maximizing uptime and data security.


Environment Control
  • Thermostat

    • Fan coil unit / room thermostat

    • Air handling unit thermostat

  • Valves

    • Fan coil unit valves

    • Air handling unit valves

  • Actuators

    • Damper actuators

    • Valve actuators

  • Humidity contollers

  • Air Cleaners

    • Room / portable type

    • For ducts

  • Butterfly valves & Ball valves

Combustion Control
  • Flame Safe Guard Systems

  • Flame Detectors

    • Inoisation type
    • UV type
    • IR type

  • Flame Relays

    • On-Off
    • Programmable

  • Flame Amplifiers

  • Ignition Transformers

  • Modutrol Motors

  • Spark Ingnition Modules

  • Gas Pressure Switches

  • Gas Valves

  • Pressutrol Controllers